Saturday, August 22, 2015

Special Double Feature: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Good morning!

Why, if-if I picked a day to fly have a Disney breakfast, oh, this would be it.

You got it, Quasimodo!

See, I told you it wouldn't be long!

I remembered the characters of this movie for the most part, but didn't really remember this movie at all (I know, I'm a Disney disgrace lately!).

However, after watching the movie, I know why I don't remember it.

I blocked it from my memory out of pure terror (or because I was around five at the time it came out).

Ya, I am not going to go into any more disturbing detail than that.

However, there where some good parts and messages in the movie, so I will accept it and move on to the food (one of those good parts I was talking about).

Here is the menu.

I began, other than the whole cooking thing, by getting Justice up. A little tougher on a Saturday morning.


There we go. Thanks, Quasi!

We started with Croissant French Toast courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

I chose this dish, because the movie was set in France (Paris to be exact) and because the shape of croissants reminded me of our unique hero.

Looks like I am not the only one to see the resemblance.

Do me a favor and try this recipe (link below).

Nothing sweeter or better than this french toast. Kind of like Quasi there, too.

Definitely worth getting up for!

Now, there isn't much, food-wise, more French than a bread and cheese plate.

This showed up in the film, too, along with some "treats" (grapes, which I'd already planned on. Yay me!).

Here is the rest my version with Justice's favorite (blueberry muffins) and Babybel cheese.

Bel(l). Get it?

Babybel was, also, a good choice because it was round like Esperalda's belt decor

and was a lot tastier than my first thought (goat cheese for Djali).

Ya, same thought.

Lastly, we had some "wine" (sparkling red grape juice). Also, a French staple and seen multiple times in the movie.

Here is the whole thing!

Now, I can sit back and enjoy the fruits on my labor.

Maybe not high above Paris like Quasimodo, though (a bit scared of heights. What is it with this movie?).

Although this movie was frightening, even as an "adult", I seemed to know from a young age what a strong female looked like

(hehe. Buuurrnn, Captain! Wait..don't burn. Too much fire in this movie already..shudder)

and that it is what I wanted to be (or I had a flare for theatrics..or I wanted a goat..who knows?). My Halloween costume choice shows I liked something about Esmeralda.

Sorry, sis! Ohana means family. Family means no body picture gets left behind or forgotten!

In a little flashback (I know its not Friday, but I couldn't resist seeing Stitch again), this is how my sister and I were back then and probably what was running through our minds in this picture.

I couldn't leave you without some fun things that I noticed watching this movie this time around (once you got past the scary old man and the fire).

1. I loved how realistic the scenery looked in the movie versus real life.

Oooo...stained glass!

2. I noticed a certain familiar old man.

Gotcha, Jafar!

Sidenote: Here are some other Easter eggs in the film:

3. I learned the meaning behind the gargoyles' names. Victor and Hugo for the author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", Victor Hugo, and Laverne after the director's wife.

4. Quasi wasn't the King of Fools.

This guy was close, but not quite.

That title has to go to the scary, sick, old guy, archdeacon, Frollo (why does this name make me think of Frodo?).

I knew I liked her!

5. The value of finding your sanctuary.

Last one, I promise.

6. (Not directly movie-related) I have learned something by doing this blog.

(shudder) Gets me every time but, yes, mission accomplished.

While I still look at some of my "dishes" and know that many wonder

at least I am getting less of this

and more of this.

So, until I have the pleasure of cooking for you again, au revoir and thank you for dining with me!