Monday, October 6, 2014


Week 21:

This week we continued the woodland creature theme with Bambi.

Bambi was always the last Disney movie I picked to watch as a child. Not because it was bad, but because it ALWAYS put me to sleep. Maybe it was the "April Showers" music? My babysitters, knowing this, ALWAYS made me watch it. I know your game, babysitters!

Before I get too sleepy, here is the menu:

I wanted to do deer chili and corn (for deer corn), but Justice and I thought that might be too insensitive and it would've been hard to eat during the whole Bambi crying, "Mother!" scene.

(Tearing up) No good, rotten "man"!

Well, at least he got to know the Great Prince of the Forest (a.k.a. his father).

Anyway, since I wasn't doing the deer chili (which I really actually love), I decided to "go green" and take the humane route.

I started with salad because, when I think green food, salad is the first thing that comes to mind. Everything was very green in the beginning of Bambi, from the meadow to the clover patches, so I thought it was fitting.

I "spiced" up my salad with a little Parmesan cheese and the infamous Olive Garden salad dressing. Yes Mom, I DID eat all my vegetables! The salad was the first thing to go!

Next, we had green beans to stay with the green theme. French-style green beans looked more "natural", or "forest-y", to me so we had those.

It also made sense, because Bambi's mother was seen in Beauty and the Beast (which was French).

Although, she did take Bambi through the bajou (in The Rescuers). Don't know how I couldn't gone green there without making frog legs (which would've been killing another creature found in the movie. Sigh).

For the main dish, we had mushroom chicken. This was just some grilled chicken with melted Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Neither Justice or I have sauteed mushrooms before, but he took it on while I was cooking the other parts. I think he did a great job!!

I thought mushrooms were very "wild". Plus, I can say that no quail was harmed in the making of this dinner (although, it too is tasty).

Lastly, we had "Blossom Cake", because all that green stuff can get to a person. I see what Thumper meant. The blossoms WERE the best part, even if I had to eat all that green stuff to get to it.

I was going to make a "bunny butt" cake, but after traveling all weekend, I didn't have the time. I improvised, though, and made Thumper out of cupcakes and put him in his favorite place, the clover patch!

Miss Bunny seemed to approve of Thumper's very versatile bottom.

This is what clover actually looks like. I thought I got pretty close.

Thumper, you left A LOT of green stuff behind and some evidence of blossom eating. What did your father tell you?

Next for the add-on.

No, that is NOT a typo. I only had one this week.

I wanted to do something with potato sticks, because I kept passing them on my weekly trip to the grocery store and have always loved them. I thought Bambi was the perfect opportunity, because they could stand for several things. The sticks, trees, or tree bark in the forest (I had already done the candy version of bark with Fox and the Hound). It could, also, stand for snapping twigs, the tell-tale sign a hunter was near, deer horns, Bambi's wobbly stick legs, or the fuel for man's campfire.

In the end, I chose the last option, because that is how the movie ends and I had an orange bowl (haha) and a very special S'mores cupcake (a common campfire treat).

I wonder if Disney was trying to make a statement with that fire?

Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Anyway, here is the whole thing!

Pretty simple for me!

I was reminded of Bambi a lot this week.

I went to Florida (before going to a wedding Lubbock) this week, and saw this guy in the mall.

I, also, ate at a Peruvian restaurant with its own green dipping sauce. I HAVE to make this green stuff (i.e. this recipe: next time. It is SO addicting with warm bread.

Then, I came home from Florida to this little surprise!

Aw thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse!

Then, if it couldn't get any more Disney, I found this hat on the way back from Lubbock this weekend.

Remind you of a certain cowgirl?

Also, here was one of the items I have been saving since I saw it in my future sister-in-law's house.

Purdy, purdy BAMBI!

Speaking of sisters and Bambi's issue with labeling, one of my sister's nicknames for me is Bird (pronounced Brr-DUH, Bambi)!

She can call me Bird, if she wants to. Just remember this word, Megan,

TWINS (wink, wink)!

It was Justice's turn to draw and it is...

Robin Hood! I SWEAR that I DID NOT plan this (see Fox and the Hound post..near the bottom).

Maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it?

(Sidenote: Thumper you have to be my favorite bunny ever. Except my trainer's bunny, Nathan. Can't beat that!)

Until we join Robin in his hood, watch out. You might get as twitterpated as Flower, Thumper, Bambi, and I have!

Coming Soon: Robin Hood