Thursday, August 20, 2015

Special Feature: Lilo & Stitch


I know, I know. I just can't stop...or won't. You can't make me!

I got two Disney movies for my birthday and decided it was time to dust off the ole' Disney menu planning skills.

The first stop? Lilo & Stitch!

Now, I must admit, I had never watched Lilo & Stitch before this dinner.


They (Disney movies Meredith hasn't seen) DO exist!

I, however, did know two things about the movie that would help me plan for this meal.

Lilo & Stitch was set in Hawaii and, at some point, Stitch had dressed up like Elvis.

Thus, my menu was born and here it is!

First up is an appetizer fit for the tropical islands. Hawaii is the movie's main setting after all.

Coconut shrimp with pineapple sauce (via Red Lobster). Here is a link to a copycat recipes for the shrimp and the sauce (took the alcohol part out of the title for the menu...its a Disney dinner after all!) if you want to try making these little delights for yourself.

Coconut Shrimp:

Dipping Sauce:

Since this was a long week, I opted for the pick-up option.

Next, I wanted to do something for Lilo's favorite singer and model citizen and in honor of her Thursday routine (I found this out during the movie and it was a welcome surprise).

Can you see where I am going with these ingredients?

That's right, We had sandwiches fit for a the King! Elvis, that is.

I'm sure he would've done a "happy dance" over these.

Like what I did with the King's Hawaiian bread (wink, wink).

Also, I think Pudge the fish would approve. No tuna!

Here is the recipe, so you can pack (or get your "dog" to pack) one of your own!

Here are some fun, Elvis-related facts for you.

1. Elvis entered the United States Army at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas (near me at the current time). Yup, that's right. The Hunka Hunka Burning Love himself. I'm sure it would've been interesting watching the girls swoon while he was getting his haircut.

2. Elvis filmed "Blue Hawaii" (and two other movies) in Hawaii, so he has ties to the island.

3. My family and I have visited the infamous Graceland, home of the King.

Next, we had, you guessed it, more Hawaiian food. Well, pizza that is.

We ate at a certain pizza place with a distinguishable roof for lunch and had some leftover. Perfect piece for this dinner.

Lastly, I wanted to do something more for Stitch.

At first, I wanted to make this special cake for him but knowing that he did this to the first one...

..I decided to do something else. An experiment has gotta eat, right?

I am a regular on The Pioneer Woman's website. What can I say? I am drawn to other redheads (reference favorite Disney movie).

While I was on it looking for something else, I saw this recipe.

Devil dogs. Perfect for Experiment 626 who posed as a dog to get adopted by Lilo (who, at that time, acted as his human shield) and was a little...ornery.


They are also small, cute, and "fluffy".

A little easier for me to manage seeing as I don't have Stitch's strength.

I love it when a "plan" comes together!

Here is the whole thing!

Overall, this movie was a blast! I loved it and, even though I had met Stitch once before...

this movie cemented him as my favorite alien!

I mean, when he isn't stealing hats, he is adorable. Look at that face!!

Well, it's time to go...

Sorry, Stitch. It's been a long day and I need some rest.

Maybe, I'll borrow this from my nieces and nephew.

But don't be too sad. It's not goodbye.

We can do laundry this weekend (hopefully having this much fun)!


we can do another Disney dinner!!

Until then, ALOHA and sweet dreams!

Coming Very Soon: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

P.S. Did you see any of these Easter eggs?

P.P.S. How about the one in the food in this post? Hint: It is a little "nutty" and is probably a favorite of Tinkerbell.