Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Week 3:

"Going Greek"

Before I dive into Hercules, I want to say it must have been fate (and not the ugly fates that share an eyeball in the movie) that Justice and I chose a Disneymoon or, at least, that I chose my townhouse (soon to be our townhouse in December). I say this, because Justice found something right outside our front door.

A “hidden Mickey”!!

Ok, just wanted to share that. Now, onto Hercules. Justice and I had just watched this before I left Houston for Arkansas but, of course, Disney never gets old!

This movie night went a little bit differently than the first three, because we had to do it during the week. Justice and I are going to Lubbock and to visit family this weekend, so we had to alter our movie plans a bit. This is important, because it kind of affected the recipes I wanted to do/try for Hercules and put the pressure on time wise.

Because of this, I couldn’t do the Greek potatoes (basically lemon and oregano, oven roasted potatoes). I know, I know they sound delicious and they were the thing I was looking forward to the most on this menu. This is what I like to call a Greek tragedy (the muses would agree)! I tried to make up for it by adding baklava to the menu (after trying it, I would have much rather had the potatoes).

As for the rest of the menu, I went to a local place with Greek owners (once again no time, or skill set, to try Greek recipes in the comfort of my own kitchen) and filled in the rest from my local supermarket.

I just thought about this. I am such a creature of habit. It really is strange for me to try all these new foods and recipes when I usually go to the same restaurants (a.k.a. don’t cook) and order the same thing every single time. O well. People always do crazy things when they’re in love. I, unlike Meg, will say I’m love (out loud and online) and that’s the gospel truth!

Back to the menu.

Two thumbs way, WAY up for Gyros…sauce on the side. The only thing is WATCH OUT FOR THE TOMATOES. I got a whole pita full and I wasn’t a fan. Other than that, I loved them!

It was, also, my first time for pita crackers, but they tasted godly (get it) with the grapes, cheese, and sparkling grape juice. I chose grapes because the Greek god of wine and merrymaking, Dionysus, makes a cameo in this movie. He is, also, shown in the movie Fantasia.

I have always found Greek mythology interesting and did a presentation on Hercules in high school. Since I have you here, I want to impart some useless knowledge on you to ponder the next time you watch Hercules. The creatures, the hyrda, the bird-like creature, the 3-headed dog etc., that you see Herc fight in the movie are actually based on the 12 labours of Hercules. He committed a crime and had to perform the 12 labours to “make amends” with the gods (Hera actually despised Hercules in lore, because he was born of Zeus and a mortal woman, so she held him up a bit too). The Disney version painted Hercules’s journey to Olympus a bit more in favor of “the big lug”. The titan’s attack and the centaur were, also, a part of the legend of Hercules. Death did lead to him becoming a god and being granted a goddess for a wife (sorry, my little nutmeg), but not for saving the one he loved. Yup, there is some useless wisdom for you. I would just enjoy the Disney version personally. It is much more fun. Especially, with this menu (add the potatoes though). However, the next time you see Herc ride in on the three-headed dog (which I like to call “Fluffy” from Harry Potter…sorry Disney), you have some background info.

I just have to add the baby Hercules and baby Pegasus…so cute.

P.S. Did you see Scar in this scene with Phil? Scar plays the Nemean Lion (one of the 12 labours) in the Disney adaption. Nice cross-usage Disney.

P.P.S. Had to put "Phil's boy" here too, because its one of the sweetest parts of the movie (Justice concurs).

Coming Soon: Lady and the Tramp