Sunday, June 1, 2014

Double Feature: Frozen

Week 2, Part II:

Hello again. Long time no post, right?

All kidding aside, I absolutely LOVE Frozen, so I was really excited about this one. Ever since I first saw it with Justice's mom and one of our friends, it has become one of my all-time favorites! I love winter (as does Justice..hints the winter wedding), but am ALWAYS cold. Ironic, I know.

Today, I even got more into the theme by wearing my Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series shirt. I got it in Chicago, where Justice proposed, and when I have been the most "frozen" I have ever been in my life. It was an outdoor hockey game and we were literally sitting through an "Elsa-size" blizzard. Brr..It makes me cold just remembering it. My face was so chapped from the cold air and my hair turned white (for different reasons than Anna's), but some people are worth freezing (or melting) for, right Olaf? The Blackhawks play tonight (the reason for having this "light menu" at lunch time instead of game time a.k.a night) to stay in the playoffs, so this shirt is multi-purpose today. Let's Go Hawks!!

Here is the Frozen menu and I love it for a few reasons. One, I'm a little burnt out on on "never-before-seen (or attempted)" recipes and two, I need to start eating lighter or I run the risk of having to let out the dress I just picked last weekend (gasp!).

The sandwiches came from a couple different parts in the movie. One, when Anna mentioned that she finished Hans's sandwiches. Two, when Olaf was singing about summer (nobody tell him) there was an image of Kristoff, Sven, and Anna where Kristoff and Anna were eating HUGE sandwiches.

The carrots are for my two favorite supporting characters, Sven and Olaf. It's Sven's favorite treat and Olaf's nose...which Sven tries to eat most of the movie!

I, also, made hot chocolate for me (diet, of course) with whipped cream and a chocolate syrup snowflake. At least, it was supposed to be a snowflake. The resemblance kinda faded before the picture was taken. This hot choocolate was special, because I had it in a polka-dot mug that Justice gave me!

My BY FAR favorite part of this menu was the white powdered donut Olafs. Not only are white powdered donuts delicious, but I got to ask Justice this all-important question, "Do you want to build a snowman?". I just sort of free-handed these (see process below), but I was VERY pleased with the outcome. Justice didn't even want to eat his at first!

Coming Soon: Hercules!

P.S. Don't worry I knew Justice for more than a day before we got engaged. Props to Elsa for calling out this long-held Disney tradition (see meme below).

P.P.S. Don't we sort of resemble the "fixer-uppers"?

P.P.P.S. Did you see Rapunzel and Eugene at the coronation celebration?