Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Rescuers Down Under

Week 29:

This week we went down under!

With the Rescuers that is!

Isn't it pretty?

Traveling all that way sure works up an appetite, so....

Here is the menu, mates!

As you can see, there wasn't a long menu this week.

We just planned a nice, quiet flight to the outback.

Outback Steakhouse!

Not quite a rooftop view, but still a fun date night.

Drawing this particular movie this week worked out perfectly, because it was right before Thanksgiving and we didn't need to bring/have any more food than absolutely necessary AND The Rescuers Down Under is, primarily, about BIRDS!

Golden eagles are a little intimidating.

Except you, Marahute!

Good try, Wilbur!

Don't worry, no golden eagles or albatrosses were harmed in the course of this week!

At least outside of the movie.

Poor Wilbur!

Can't say the same for turkeys, though.

I must admit, I was THAT girl who carried the picture frame menu into the restaurant and proceeded to take a picture with it.

If that's not commitment, I am not sure what is!

I had the Alice Springs chicken continuing the bird theme.

Crikey, I am almost as bad as Percival McLeach!

Well, maybe not, I made it past the third grade!

Justice had a burger (surprise, surprise)!

Slap on a few loaves of brown bread and an Oreo milkshake for me and we had an awesome, "Aussie" meal!

Here is the whole thing!

I WAS going to add-on some cupcake cones like this (a different flavor/color for each of the three mice, of course)

or maybe some covered Oreos for my mice mates (again in different colors),

BUT somebody stole all my eggs (yes, it is noted that the Oreos didn't need eggs, but I was distraught!)

Who could have taken them?

I have to agree with ole' Percy on that one!

However, I learned my lesson.

Eggs must be protected!

Right, Wilbur?

Joanna learned something, too!

NEVER bite off more than you can chew!

While I didn't have my add-ons, I did happen upon some extra stuff this week!

My future sister-in-law gave me this,

the Magic Bands came in for our Disneymoon (Christmas colors, of course!),

we ate at the Outback in Razorback country (Arkansas) without remembering that one helped Bernard (not Jake the kangaroo mouse who was very Indiana Jones-ish,no, good ole' Bernard) save the day (way to show him who's boss, Bernard!),

AND, on our trip back from Thanksgiving with my family, this lovely Whataburger bag accompanied my meal.



Anyway, it was Justice's turn to draw and it was...


(silly laughing) You know what it sounds like?!

O boy, another feast!

Just a couple more movies until the finale (tear).

Seems like just yesterday that Justice was proposing.

Not on the back of an eagle, though (thanks for setting that bar, Bernard).

Until next week, G'day!

Coming Soon: Ratatouille