Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Week 6:

I must admit I don't remember watching Dumbo much as a child. I remembered the storks and that Dumbo could fly. That was the extent of it. At least, I thought that was all I could remember. Until I saw the clowns and the crazy elephant/alcohol scene. I must've been blocking those parts out, because both clowns and crazy, technicolor elephant scenes kinda creep me out.

With that being said I must present the fabulous, magnificient, amazing, menu for the world-famous DUMMMBBOOO (ringleader voice).

I went with a "circus-food" theme, because Dumbo's story begins and ends with the circus. I have never been to the circus, and neither has Justice, but I have been to several county and state fairs. I grew up showing animals (sheep and pigs...and a brief stint with rabbits) and some of my best memories include walking around the food stands with my family. Shearing, showing, and shampooing (yes, we shampoo the pigs) can make you work up quite the appetite. I included some showing pictures below and pictures of some of my favorite foods (and stands) from the Curry County and EXPO New Mexico fairs (the one with me and the pigs actually made the paper!). Wish I could've flown some Tom Thumb donuts to Arkansas!

Here is my version of fair food fare for Dumbo day

I had to have popcorn, in my new HUGE popcorn bucket, because Justice loves popcorn and there are always huge bags of regular, kettle, and flavored popcorn at the fair/circus. We had some soft pretzel bites with cheese, because pretzels are also a popular fairtime snack. We had mini corn dogs for Dumbo and his fellow, small "stork special deliveries". The fries were supposed to be curly to get as close to the "twisted taters" pictured above as we could get, but o well. We, also, had some animal crackers and not just any animal crackers, these zoo animals.

Notice anything?? All the animals are found in the movie AND have babies with them!! Perfection, if I do say so myself.

I was just going to do elephant ears (no, not the plant), for Dumbo's over-sized ears, but then I found this. I couldn't resist. I LOVE funnel cakes and it seemed like a worthy challenge.

We did have a slight mishap with heating the oil and my whole house was filled with smoke for a bit. I guess you could call it a bit of a circus (pun intended) and I was just about to scratch the funnel cakes altogether (nobody would know right? It wasn't on the original menu. It was an unnecessary addition...believe me, I thought of all of these excuses and more). However, I am glad I stuck with it, because it was one of my favorite things of the night and Justice, who is not a dessert person usually, loved them too! I guess Timothy Mouse WAS right!

While the smoke was clearing, literally, I decided to try out my trapeze skills! Yes, I did wear that outfit and do my hair in a bun today on purpose. I am nerd. I accept it. By the way, if you can convince him to do it (i.e. be his niece or nephew), Justice makes the BEST elephant noise!

For the funnel cakes, I decided to do some designs. This just added to the "circus of complications". I used the elephant ears (recipe below) as elephant ears (genius) and Dumbo's trunk. I, then, made a funnel cake "magic" feather covered with chocolate syrup to make it look like it was plucked straight from a crow! Add in some cool whip clouds on sky blue plates and we have ourselves a flying funnel cake elephant! I planned on making it a little more refined or recognizable, but between the "smoke screen", the funnel cake batter pouring out really fast, and my growling stomach this was the best I could do. For my powdered sugar and strawberry funnel cake (inspired by the big top's traditional colors of red and white), I added a special feature. Notice a certain shape mixed in? Hint: It is not covered in powdered sugar. It's a mouse! I'd say it was a "hidden Mickey", but this is Timothy's time to be in the spotlight and he is ALWAYS being mistaken for his cousin (who also lives in Florida). I, also, placed the funnel cakes so that Dumbo would be flying towards the peanuts and away from the mean animals back at the circus. Overthinking it much? Ya, probably, but I am a known nerd!

If I hadn't have had the amazing funnel cake/elephant ears combo, I might have considered doing these snow cone and cotton candy cookies I found. Although, looking back, I'm glad I didn't. I'm not a huge blue raspberry snowcone (flavor shown) or cotton candy fan. Funnel cakes were just meant to be. However, if you are planning a Dumbo night and like these things, you now know about them!

Last, but not least, we have....(drumroll)...PEANUTS!! Chocolate-covered peanuts that is. Timothy and Dumbo were both caught snacking on these throughout the movie.

I just love these three moments. I couldn't resist.

Elephants are such wonderful creatures. That reminds me (an elephant never forgets) that the first elephant I saw (in its natural habitat) was in Kenya.

This ties in perfectly to the next two things I am going to mention. One, my family is still in Kenya (yes, they will be visiting Dumbo's relatives and a few other animals). Two, it was the twentieth anniversary yesterday of one of the (if not THE) best Disney movie of all time. The Lion King. Happy Anniversary to the King!

Justice and I decided we didn't want the Disney fun to stop this week, so we drew another movie. What's next?

Coming Soon: The Great Mouse Detective