Friday, October 17, 2014

Toy Story 3

Week 23:

Well, here we are back with Andy's toys for the third and final time. Luckily for us, this Toy Story held out until the end. Toy Story 2 came before Toy Story in our movie nights, but I'm not sure I could've handled saying goodbye to these guys first.

(Cue reminiscing)

Everybody just keep your toys alright?! (Tear) I couldn't imagine getting rid of a couple like Justice's Hushpuppy (Shudder). That'd just be wrong! 


(cue Easter eggs)

Well, at least it ended (and began again) like this

instead of this!

Anywho, here's the menu. If I can get this old dinosaur to download it..or is it these old dinosaurs? I'm so confused...

Got it!! Haven't lost my touch yet!

Seeing as most of this movie centers around pre-schools and toys not wanting their kids to grow up, I decided to go with a "kid-friendly" menu.

I began with good ole' mac & cheese.

I love macaroni and cheese and what kid doesn't love the original, the cheesiest Kraft macaroni and cheese (cue jingle)?!

Simple, easy, and cheesy.

Speaking of cheesy...

At least Barbie has a good head on her shoulders. O lord, she is the brains of the operation!! Scary!

Barbie, say WHAT?!

Also, speaking of scary, this movie had the toys I was most scared of as a kid and they turned out to be "ok guys".

Wow, I guess it is true what they say. Never judge a toy by its manual!

Moving on, we had tator tots. Kids love tator tots, too, but I went with this side dish because of its name. Tator TOTS, get it?

For the main dish, we had chicken nuggets. Once again, this was a childhood (and current..mmmm Chick-Fil-A) favorite of mine AND went with the name theme above. Chicken NUGGETS!

For dessert, I went a little fancier, but stuck with another favorite of mine. Better than....Sunnyside cake (with Teddy Grahams). This cake pays tribute to the daycare featured in the movie that all the toys want to go to except Woody. Unlike Sunnyside, it doesn't look good on the outside, but is filled with caramel goodness on the inside (hints the holes). Sunnyside gets there eventually with Barbie and Ken at the wheel!

I "decorated" it with Teddy Grahams instead of Butterfingers (my usual choice) to represent Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (Lotso, for short) who was the boss at Sunnyside. He was another one of those things that looked good (and apparently smelled strawberries) on the outside, but was rotten inside.

Don't worry he got what was coming to him, plus a few bugs!!

The cake, fortunately, was bug-free and tasted AMAZING!

The recipe I used is found here. Sorry, dad. Parents cover your kid's eyes for a sec.

Parental supervision is advised.

Now for the add-on. Just one this week.

I chose to find some Runts, because they fit my name theme and, well, I saw them everywhere when I was littler (proving a bit trickier to track some down now-a-days, though).

If I would've thought of it, I would've had tortillas or hot dogs.

Not only is Mr. Potato Head forced to be both of these things (and attacked by a bird who loves a good tortilla), but we are throwing tortillas at our wedding!

That may seem odd to you, but Justice and I are both Texas Tech alumni and this is what they do when the football team wins. It just so happens that this last weekend was homecoming, Texas Tech won, and we could've used some tortillas to throw. Maybe the bird would've been too full on them to pick on our favorite spud.

O well, until December I guess!

Can't really blame the bird or Jessie. I do love Spanish mode (food) sometimes.


Here's the whole thing.

Short and sweet. Very childlike, no?

Maybe not.....

You may have noticed a small, round orange thing playing peek-a-boo around my picture frame.

Justice picked up the BABY pumpkin to make roasted pumpkin seeds and it was just too perfect not to include it here!!

(Sniffles) They grow up so fast!

Speaking of children, what about the new child Bonnie and her toys?

I believe their acting skills are superb, myself. Especially, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head's little alien children.

Also, I just got something in the mail for our Disneymoon cruise. You see, they decorate the doors to the rooms at Disney and I wanted ours to say what we are celebrating, so I ordered these...

Notice anything?

If you like them, here is the Etsy shop I got them from

Mention that I referred you at checkout and we BOTH get a 30% coupon.


It was Justice's turn to draw and it will be....

Tangled!! I've been not-so-patiently waiting for this one!!

Until then, so long partners and thanks for reading!

Coming Soon: Tangled