Saturday, August 23, 2014

Double Feature: Wall-E

Week 15, Part II:

As I said, not too long ago in fact, Wall-E is one of Justice’s favorite movies. He actually introduced me to it when we started dating, so it is a fun movie for “us”. Justice, before he started the movie the first time, warned me that a lot of people didn’t like/appreciate this movie, because there wasn’t a lot of talking in it. After watching it, I do not know what the problem is. This movie has so many cute mannerisms and meanings who needs words?!

For example…

I began with cubed chicken and cheese, because that was Wall-E’s directive (to condense trash into manageable cubes). The chicken was going to be a challenge to cube, so I edited this a little bit by finding some that were shaped like Wall-E’s eyes. He did fly awfully close to the Sun in the movie. He could’ve gotten a tan. Just sayin’.

Next, I had Twinkies down. There are a TON of Twinkies in stores these days. So many flavors to choose from. I went with the classic Twinkies, however, and bought them how they were meant to come, in a single pair. This was a tribute to Wall-E’s pet/friend, Hal the cockroach. Cockroaches and Twinkies, the two things that will outlast us all.

Lastly, I have down that our directive is to eat with a spork. I grabbed these on a trip to KFC. This plays tribute to Wall-E’s treasure trove. Who didn’t love the part where he struggled to decide whether it was a spoon or a fork, then placed it in the middle? Come on, that is clever.

Pretty short and simple menu but, of course, I just HAD to add a few things. Remember, I made all these menus at once, so that is why I am adding more every week.

Anywho, the first thing I added was Eve (in egg form). She does resemble an egg. I made an Eve egg then D’EVE’lled eggs (per my mom’s recipe). Quick, simple, and delicious! I, also, used a couple of Eve’s eggs to resemble Wall-E’s eyes. Wall-E only had eyes for Eve (EEVVA), after all!

Next, I added Eve’s directive which happened to be the plant that Wall-E found. I made this with Swiss Miss Triple Chocolate Dream pudding, some Oreo crumbs, and a Spearmint piece of gum shaped into a leaf. Then, of course, I put it into one of Justice’s boots, because is there really another way to do it?

Then, I made some more tributes to Wall-E’s directive. He was on Earth an awfully long time and had worked very hard, after all. So, I made Rice Krispie Treat and Lucky Charm Bar cubes to go with the other “trash”.

Here is the overall picture to fill in all the pictures missing above. I made it into manageable spheres, you see?


Wall-E needs to be careful though, he threw away a perfectly good ring for the box.

I am scared of losing my ring one day on accident (gulp). Directive, KEEP RING SAFE!

Next, I made some Wall-E eye cookies using this recipe ( I put the fondant red hearts in the middle instead of the M & M’s, because I thought Wall-E and Eve have the sweetest, mechanical love story of all time. Look at those eyes, who couldn’t love him?

It was love at first sight (for Wall-E, anyway)!

Lastly, I wanted to pay tribute to Wall-E and Eve’s time aboard the Axiom. We met some pretty awesome characters here, too (Mo, Mary, John, the group of broken robots, and, of course, the captain).

Speaking of the captain, he introduced my first space sweet with his “morning announcement”. "So, be sure next mealtime to ask for your free septuacentennial cupcake in a cup!".

I went to one of my favorite cupcake shops, grabbed an Oreo cupcake, added a pint of coordinating cookies and cream ice cream, added a couple tablespoons of milk, used my new blender Justice got me and PRESTO! Cupcake in a cup! It was DELICIOUS by the way. I am not thinking of the calorie count, though, or we may have a “mutany” on our hands. Justice even liked it! I added a BnL logo to really celebrate the occasion.

Lastly, I got some space ice cream. The Axiom inhabitants didn’t seem to have any problem with the food, so it must have tasted delicious. I wonder if this was ever on the menu? I decided to try it just in case we ever venture up to space. However, after the cupcake in a cup and the Sugar Rush treats the day before, I decided to wait to come down from the stars a bit before I gave it a whirl. I will let you know how it goes over when I do, though.

Here is the entire meal. Notice, I put it in order of single Wall-E, Wall-E and Eve’s courtship on Earth, and then their time in space (which I believe sealed the deal…come on. Eve couldn’t watch Wall-E take care of her and NOT care about him!). SO cute.

Justice and I were all about the hand-holding after this movie.

The little things we take for granted sometimes!!

Justice’s turn to draw again and it is…

The fairest of them all, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Odd, we JUST talked about this movie this week. Yay, for tributes to our German heritage and Justice’s mom’s apple pie!!

Coming Soon: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs