Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monster's University

Week 28:

Back to school, back to school...

Scare school that is!

Ya, gotta admit, clowns are scarier than the dean.

or maybe being late on your first day...(yes, I was that student who was so worried I showed up to my first class freshmen year like thirty minutes early!)

Sigh, college.

The days of studying all night (with snacks, of course),

"working off" those snacks at the REC,

joining organizations,

(Yup, the cake would've got me. See above snack reference. This is why they ALWAYS offer free pizza to college students. Proven way to increase attendance!)

taking pictures with friends (that you'll be blackmailed or slightly embarrassed of later),

and, of course, being the "life" of the party (I still haven't found the last scene in the movie, by the way).

Yup, the good ole' days.

Now, it is just entry level positions and "big kid" responsibilities.


Welcome to Monster's University!

Here is the menu!

Since Monster's University is set on a college campus, I decided to base this menu on my college favorites!

First of all, Sonic.

Sonic was a favorite of mine LONG before college. It runs in the family. I am VERY directionally-challenged, but, believe me, I can ALWAYS find a Sonic and usually base my directions off of them.

Next, I chose Chick-Fil-A.

Whether in the Student Union or otherwise, other than Sonic, I was at Chick-fil-A more than any other eatery. Plus, there isn't a Raising Cane's or Chipotle in Fort Smith.

I DO always crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays, though!

Cute bag,too!

For dessert, I chose Braum's.

My college town, Lubbock, doesn't have a Braum's, but I would get it when I went home on breaks or on trips with friends!

Since it is getting close to Christmas, Braum's has seasonal flavors!

There is NOTHING like gingerbread ice cream, people!

It is like Christmas in your mouth (or cup)!

Add in some of their hot cocoa ice cream and their traditional strawberry and you are set!

We all SCREAM for ice cream!

Should have been Mikey's secret simulator weapon, if you ask me!

Here is the whole thing!

I WAS going to make some double T cookies (for Texas Tech. I included a pic of the last batch I made when I graduated!),

have some red, black, and "white" tortila chips (also for my, and my future husband's, alma mater),

make some of these Mike cookies,

or just raid the Halloween bins for Monster's University, college-friendly products (like mac 'n' cheese),

BUT I kept thinking they'd go on sale.

However,I waited too long and they were gone by the time I got back (insert sad face)!

O well, it works better this way (really).

College-themed meal deserves to be done on a college-friendly budget!

It was my turn to draw (after my bridal portraits no less! Good thing it was college night a.k.a. pretty simple!) and it is...

The Rescuer's Down Under!!

Hmm..guess it is time to study abroad!!

To the outback we go!!

Coming Soon: The Rescuers Down Under

(Shaking head) There is always THAT one!