Friday, June 13, 2014

Lady and the Tramp

Week 4:

Happy Friday the 13th!! I got off work thinking it had been a very lucky Friday. I had Chinese food (which I love) for lunch, a DQ mini Blizzard (which everyone loves), Sonic, AND a double feature Disney weekend to look forward to (Justice and I decided to knock as many doubles out as we could early on, because wedding stuff is just going to get crazier...and probably the bride too!). Like I said, I thought this all added up to a "lucky" day. After running to prepare for this weekend and the Chinese kicking back, I didn't feel so lucky anymore. I will spare you all the gory details. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling so great, but I pushed through and I am glad I did. Disney movie night with my guy definitely made it better and was a memory I am happy to have now.

With all that being said (I know, it was an overshare, but that is what blogs are for!), here is the menu:

Of course, being Lady and the Tramp, I HAD to cook spaghetti and meatballs Tony-style! I got a meatball recipe that Justice loves from his mom amd did the rest Sanders family-style (meaning Prego mixed with more meat). I made some garlic bread, also Sanders-style, and got Justice some thin breadsticks (that broke, but o well)! Here are the final with candlelight to set the mood. PG, of course!

No, it is not a coincidence that I'm wearing a Mickey shirt while cooking. Shout out to my favorite ladies (Women's Service Organization) and Ginny Moon (pledge trainer) for supplying me with my fabulous wardrobe (wink, wink)!

You know I HAD to do the "noodle scene"!

I guess the only thing really "interesting" about this menu was the puppy chow. I have never made it before, but HAD to give it a shot. A dog has gotta eat, right? I made three different kinds (I am a little ambitious). Tiramisu (to go with the Italian fare. This can be for Jock..even though he is Scottish), chocolate-covered strawberry (seemed romantic and pink is fitting for Lady), and peanut butter brownie (Justice loves the brownies I make and I love chocolate, so it seemed perfect. This can be for Trusty, because peanut butter and brownies is "Old Reliable" as far as desserts go).

I included the recipes below. Tiramisu had pound cake pieces, chocolate-covered strawberry had strawberry cake pieces with chocolate frosting, and the peanut butter brownie had Ghiradelli Double Chocolate brownie pieces in them. Yum. One note though, I couldn't find the "Duncan Hines Strawberry Powder-whatever it was", so I used strawberry Jell-O flavoring. I know, I know. It was a HUGE risk. However, this risk paid off. The chocolate-covered strawberry was actually my favorite!

It may have not been the craziest menu, but simple is sometimes even more special. For example, Lady and the Tramp begins and ends with Christmas scenes. This became special when Justice opened up a surprise I had for him that had just arrived in the mail that day. Tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. He had told me a while back that he had been to this holiday parade and absolutely loved it. I checked on dates and saw that we were going to be there during the early part of the party's "run" (so it wouldn't be as crowded). Not only will he love going again, but I get free hot chocolate...ya...enough said.

Watching Lady and the Tramp was, also, special because Justice and I have been looking to get a puppy sometime around our (dating) anniversary or late this year. We want to name him Mikita after the great Chicago Blawkhawk, Stan Mikita (see Frozen post for meaning).

Simple, yet special...and we call it "bella norte"!

What did I draw (earlier this week...that's why the "wardrobe change") for the second half of this double feature? Only my all-time favorite Disney movie (jumping up and down)!

Coming Tomorrow: The Little Mermaid