Monday, June 30, 2014

Double Feature: The Great Mouse Detective

Week 6, Part II:

The Great Mouse Detective came after 3 to 4 hours of engagement pictures (UP!-themed). We didn’t get back to my townhouse until about 9:45 p.m., so this may be a short post! We had to do it, though (believe me fast food was calling)!

Here is the menu:

First of all, I did the red, white, and blue on purpose (no, it is not because it is almost the Fourth of July). It is for the Union Jack!

I had to do tea since it was based in London, but I skipped on Mrs. Judson’s (Basil’s maid. Sorry old girl) famous cheese crumpets due to time and the fact that they were on another Disney movie’s menu. I had the tea in a “mouse-sized” teapot and used Teavana (for the other movie I will use my old standby PG Tips). I used this Teavana tea, because it was strawberry grapefruit and, as such, tipped its hat to the pink champagne fountain in Professor Ratigan’s lair.

Since it was The Great MOUSE Detective, I had to have lots of cheese. I not only had a cheese and cracker tray (with club crackers, new/interesting club cornbread crackers, Justice’s favorite extra sharp cheddar cheese, and my mild cheddar cheese), but a cheddar cheese soup with soup & oyster crackers on top (better known as nacho potato soup). I have included the recipe for the nacho potato soup below.

Thankfully, it was very quick, easy, and “comforting” after a long day of getting ready and taking pictures. I, also, chose soup for its “pub-like” quality and, since it looks rainy and chilly outside for most of the movie, its “warm you up” advantages. Like I said, very cozy and comforting. Soup is kind of like a food blanket for your insides.

Moving on, I HAD to have something for my favorite character from this movie, Toby. I found some “Scooby snacks” which were DELICIOUS and the perfect treat to represent our four-legged friend.

I loved The Great Mouse Detective when I was younger. Maybe it was the “advanced” vocabulary or plot, the link to Sherlock Holmes (yes, before it was cool...I included Basil's home which was under Sherlock's on 221 1/2 Baker Street), or because I have always been fascinated by London. Whatever it was, I really enjoyed this movie night (even if Justice and I were exhausted). I even got dressed up for the occasion in my London trench coat and went sleuthing around my London living room.

Speaking of sleuthing, have you noticed the hidden "Easter eggs" in Disney movies? Disney loves to hide things within their films. I included a couple of websites (just copy, paste, and go) to show this, but had to include one Easter egg in particular.

It's Dumbo blowing bubbles (nice tie to our last movie)!! No pink elephants, dear (the toy shop is creepy enough as it is)!!

London will always have a special place in my heart for two reasons. One, I studied abroad there over one of the best summers of my life. I met amazing friends that I still keep up with to this day and got to reconnect with some “old” ones. I guess you can say these ladies were the Sherlock to my Watson...or Basil to my Dawson, in this case! Two, that same summer was when Justice and I started talking. He used to live in London, saw my Facebook pictures, and decided to chat me recommendations of where to go and what to do. Once upon a time, right? I will go back there someday with Justice, but until then, like the candle says, London will be Calling.

Speaking of London, Ratigan and Basil crashing into Big Ben makes me cringe every time (the toy store scene and Fidget do as well…creepy..just creepy). I love that old clock. My future mother-in-law even got me the LEGO version to put in my living room!

I, also, may not have seen the mouse queen, but I did get a wave from Her Majesty at St. Paul's celebration!

By the way, I think Ratigan's cat, Felicia, tried to steal some French fashion from our favorite "lady", Marie. Not quite as lovely, Felicia, not quite. Let's see what Miss Marie thinks of this "copy-CATting".

My turn to draw (in my Basil-inspired robe) and it is....

SPLENDID! It is Toy Story 2! This means "schmoes" just in time for Fourth of July weekend.

Coming Soon: Toy Story 2