Thursday, October 9, 2014

Robin Hood

Week 22:

I plan many things, but I SWEAR I had nothing to do with drawing Robin Hood right after I mentioned him. I am innocent I tell you!

Sigh, Helga Rice you just may be getting an outlaw for an in-law like King Richard did!

Speaking of the star of the show...

Yes, the outlaw was such a fox. He, also, had quite a knack for disguises which is perfect going into the Halloween season. Here are some of the contenders for what Robin will be this year.

A handsy gypsy (possible couple's costume for a special "busty" someone),

A blind beggar complete with pounds for the poor,

A stork with impeccable aim,

and a vulture with a few "nuts" missing.

What's your vote for?

Also, perfect for fall were the pies seen in this movie (in the tournament scene as the guards were stampeding) and, of course, Lady Kluck's "touchdown".

Fall does mean football, after all.

Go, Kluckie, Go!

(cue touchdown dance)

She's, also, a great tackler.

O Kluckie, you are so versatile!

Oo-de-lally, Oo-delally (this is what the fox says, by the way) here is the menu:

I started with stew. This came to my mind when I was daydreaming about Robin daydreaming about Maid Marian.

Through all this dreaming, Robin burned the stew.

Unlike Robin, Justice made stew and it was SO good.

This was one of the first dishes he made for me and he even got me the Crockpot he used to make it this time.

Next, I had bread. Bread is just a general compliment to stew, so it seemed natural. I took a gamble here and got a new kind of bread. I choose it, because I thought it looked like fox ears or tails, which matched my theme.

Wasn't very tasty though, so I won't get it again.

Lastly, I had chocolate gold coins!

This was for Prince John's massive treasury (seeing as he kept taxing the poor people).

Now for the add-ons!

I wanted to do more for Robin seeing as this was his greatest performance!!

Therefore, I made bullseye cookies.

Robin was the best archer in the land and competed in a tournament in the movie to win a kiss from Maid Marian (he ended up asking for her hand), so it was fitting!

I just took these cookie sheets in chocolate and sugar, rolled them up, and cut them.

I,also, put red flag toothpicks for Robin and blue for "bushel-britches" (a.k.a. the honorable Sheriff of Nottingham).

Look for where their arrows land.

Nailed it!!

Ok, so they didn't turn out like I wanted (this would be on the Pinterest fail list, if I had found it on Pinterest), but, hey, I was a bit preoccupied.

At the same time I was making these cookies, I was making these cinnamon chocolate chip pumpkin bread loaves for the hostesses of my bridal shower. 48 of them to be exact. Ya..48.

These, at least, turned out pretty well!


Speaking of bulleyes, I wanted to do ANOTHER bullseye treat.

This time, I did tortilla roll-ups using this recipe (

(Sidenote: After all these blogs, I FINALLY managed the link. Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly what a day!)

I, once again, missed the mark on the presentation of these (I am not a good roller), but the taste was great!

Two thumbs up!

Also, I found what seasoning Chili's puts on their tortilla chips (hint: it is in this recipe). No need to buy those again, either!

Next, I wanted to do something for Maid Marian, Robin's vixen love.

So, I got a bit of white iced pumpkin bread from Creative Kitchen that looked like her headdress (plus, the pumpkin color matched her "fur-tone").

Maid Marian and Robin Hood were made for each other and got engaged at the archery tournament (a.k.a. trap) as mentioned above, so I put the last two items together (with Robin's red arrows, sort of, dead center).

Next, to continue the Robin theme, I made chili.

This is to represent the "burnt stew" mentioned above.

The chili was a bit spicy and the same color/texture as the stew was in the movie, so it worked!

Bless you, Friar for giving it a try!

Now, for some of the other characters (and a couple more Robin influences).

I made some cupcakes and got some toppers/wrappers from Etsy.

Simple, but effective.

Prince John

His right hand "man", Sir Hiss

Bushel-britches (the tax collector), the honorable Sheriff of Nottingham

The results of the tournament.

Robin's infamous hat.

Don't worry we didn't steal Skippy's birthday present (like someone else we know). Skippy let us borrow it.

Lastly, we had gummy Ring Pops (they are the "new" thing) for Prince John's rings.

I chose the gummy version, because the regular kind may be too "grown-up" for Prince John (think gummy vitamins for kids).

I mean he still sucked his thumb and called for "Mommy".

Here is the whole thing!

Notice King Richard's crown slipping off the frame's noble brow.

Prince John understands that problem!

It was my turn to draw and it is...

Toy Story 3!

Another "Bullseye"!!

Remember to bring the tissues for this one!

Just a couple more sidenotes.

The bell that Friar Tuck rung to give the people of Nottingham some hope? My dad's church in Sanderson had one and I got to ring it a couple times.

Super fun. Just sayin'!

Speaking of Friar Tuck's church, didn't it hurt to watch the sheriff take the sister's last coin from the church's poor box?

That was for the POOR!

She gave all she had. Greatest tithe of all.

No wonder Friar Tuck wanted him out of his church.

Like the Friar's style, too!

Next, and last, sidenote.

Did you have a little déjà vu in this movie?

Well, there is a reason for that.

So that's where bushel-britches comes from (little britches in Jungle Book)!


Sir Hiss looks a lot like Kaa.

Although, Robin Hood came out of falling into water a lot more gracefully than his look-alike Tod.

So much makes sense now!

O, were you wondering what happened with Robin Hood and Maid Marian?

They lived foxily ever after, of course!

Robin definitely had a grand idea for the honeymoon, too (almost on par with our Disneymoon. I do love London any time of year)!

Until next time...

Coming Soon: Toy Story 3