Friday, December 12, 2014

Grand Finale: UP!

Week 31:

Well, the time has come for our blog to end.

Justice will admit it was fun, but not to be taken lightly.

This blog took some serious time and commitment.

For example, I am sitting here AFTER my honeymoon finishing the blog, because I was two WEEKS behind on posting due to wedding woes!

We had our rehearsal dinner at an old-fashioned movie theater and were going to show UP!, but adults outnumbered kids by quite a bit, so we did My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding instead.

We DID have the UP! menu, though

AND we did make the "viewing" of UP! special.

We watched it on our Disney cruise ship, the Disney Dream, which has every Disney, Pixar, and Disney Channel Original Movie!!

Here is the menu, some pictures at the theater, and the completion of the menu (yes, the ice cream and soda was done in the airport)!

(Night before wedding)

(Night of wedding, after ceremony)

This picture shows hot dogs and candy, because of the dish Mr. Fredricksen and Russell were "served" on the Spirit of Adventure and Kevin's favorite food!

We, also, had flavored soda and ice cream (ok, gelato) in the airport for the origin of the "Ellie badge" (a.k.a. top of a grape soda) and the ritual Mr. Fredricksen and Dug took over for Russell's absent dad.

(who didn't get a warm, fuzzy feeling when Mr. Fredricksen gave Russell "the highest honor he could bestow"?)

(we watched weary travelers instead of "boring" cars, but Dug's colorblind line was a nice touch!

Squirrel moment!

We, also, watched Pinocchio on the ship and ordered a room service meal of all the food "real boys" love (chicken strips, fries, pizza, mac and cheese, and, yes, more ice cream!).

Not just any ice cream either!

Ok, I'm back.

There were some add-ons that didn't happen since I was working on wedding stuff, but here were my ideas for this movie, and all the others that I may not have mentioned, in case you want to attempt them!

UP!=marshmallow sticks (for campfires and Wilderness Explorers, tennis ball cake pops (for Mr. Fredricksen's walker "toys")

Monster's University=Python Nu Kappa spoons

Bug's Life=ants on a log, ladybug Oreos, cookie crumble cheesecake caterpillars

Ratatouille=wear a chef's hat lit from an inside flashlight with a rat cutout

Monster's Inc.=Mike and Sulley cupcakes, s'more doors

Tangled=yellow licorice (for hair)

I DID get these add-ons in however!

The old-fashioned soda candies are for the Ellie badge again and the binoculars are for any decent Wilderness Explorer.

I mean, how are you going to catch a snipe otherwise?


There were several reasons UP! was a great finale movie, but one of them was that it was one of the best love stories Disney has done in a long time...maybe ever.

Also, Mr. Fredricksen and Justice's real name are similar. Frederick, Fredricksen. Ya, that's close enough!

Next, it was special, specifically to us, because it was the theme for our engagement pictures (some of the "props" were even used at our wedding).

Lastly, it's all about endings, beginnings, and adventures.

I saw that as the perfect movie to describe the end of my "single" life, the end of this blog (although there might be some surprise posts after I've recovered or as some oldies come out of the vault), the beginning of my life as a wife, and the adventures Justice and I will have as we journey through life TOGETHER!

Since there won't be another movie for the foreseeable future, I will leave you with these words from a wise friend.