Friday, August 22, 2014

Wreck-It Ralph

Week 15:

This week was Wreck-It Ralph and man, was Justice excited about this one. I cannot say I blame him. Wreck-It Ralph is not only adorable, but has A LOT of awesome, old-school gaming references. It spoke to my inner child and his inner gamer at the same time!

Also, this was the perfect moment for this movie, because we saw these games while out to lunch a couple days before. Poor Pac-Man. At least, he was invited to Fex-It Felix’s party!

Before I bring out the menu, I had to get my cooking tools ready. Notice anything? Felix’s hammer! Fix it, Felix. Whoop! Whoop!

(cough, cough) Anyway, here is the menu

First, I had hero subs. We did sub sandwiches for Frozen, so I had to make these different and extra special for my main man, Ralph. Therefore, I got Boar’s Head meat and cheese (the best of the best for our hero) and some fresh French bread.

I did one big one for our hero and a smaller one for Vanellope (a hero in her own glitchy way).

Then, we had Potato Medallions. These were round, golden, and awesome just like the medal Ralph was looking for the whole movie and the “coin” Vanellope used to enter the Sugar Rush race.

That's right, Ralph.

and Vanellope Von Schweetz, you are an adorable winner.

and a "merciful" one at that.

Then, I chose root beer and coke floats, because they seemed old-fashioned and like something the Nicelanders would enjoy. Plus, with a cherry on top, it tips its hat to the fruit Ralph carried over from Pac-Man.

Ralph ended up giving one of the cherries to the “gameless” on his way back from Pac-Man through Game Central Station. See? You are a good, bad guy.

Finally, we had Vanellope’s cookie medals. One of the sweetest parts of the meal and movie!

Disclaimer: I started out very determined to make it look exactly like the movie. What time is it, Calhoun?

Then, I got to the words and white outline (which I forgot on the teal one) and it all went wrong. I was REALLY hungry (Justice calls it HANGRY), the icing was coming out fast, I couldn’t find the Rip rolls or Airhead Extremes for the ribbon, and honestly I was beyond caring. I am sorry, mother! This is the result and the best I could do at the time.

I know, bad guys, it is bad. No one I’d rather be, but me, though!

I definitely wrecked it!

Now for the add-ons

First, since I was making cookies anyway and had the tools (see above), I made Felix’s hammer. I won’t repeat the song and dance on here (just in my head). The icing turned out on this one!

Next, I wanted to do a tribute to the old-school gamers by doing a joystick, so here are my Atari joystick brownies!

Still didn’t feel old-fashioned enough, so I added a Pac-Man reference. I created the classic Pac-Man layout with orange slices, yellow Sprees, and gummy cherries!

Justice and I, also, wore our Pac-Man shirts for the occasion. I actually got Justice his shirt when we first started dating and mine came from my college organization before we were dating. Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man are represented well, I think. Hey, we will be Mr. and Mrs. soon, too!

Don’t worry I will run a perimeter check (such a sad programmed background)..

and make sure everyone is dressed appropriately. Best Man crying (or groom tearing up) is optional.

and then do the whole "getting married" thing.

He does sweep me off my feet!

Next, we had Sour Bill and King Candy’s Oreo guards. Sour Bill is made out of green sour Skittles.

Next, I did Nesquik Sand in a glass fitting for the colorful candy land of Sugar Rush. This is where Calhoun and Felix’s romance began. Aw, nothing like taffy laughing at you punching a guy…so romantic.

I took a picture of these piroulines I had, because I noticed them in the movie. They helped Ralph escape his nemesis (chocolate...SO weird..and the fact that Ralph hasn't had cake. No wonder he was grumpy), so I thought they deserved a highlight.

Last, but certainly not least, I added the Sugar Rush karts. I made the frames and Justice and I each decorated them ourselves. Kind of like the Kart Bakery in the movie.

I choose a M & M and a gummy bear for my hood ornaments, because my nickname in high school was Mere-Bear. I have Spree headlights, Twizzler exhaust pipes, Starburst seat cushions (note the seatbelt for safety, Mom), chocolate pretzel steering wheel, Orange Slice headrest, Oreo steer tires, and chocolate donut wheels (only time a donut is appropriate to ride on for great lengths of time. I, also, saved some spares).

Justice, went for the white-walled, powdered donut tires, DOT taillights, Rips interior and exterior, a chocolate covered pretzel steering wheel (only because I didn’t have his favorite yogurt dipped ones in white) and some green M & M headlights. He called his “stream-lined”.

I, also, made us some Rips racing flags and, of course, some candy stand fans!

Here is the complete meal. Talk about a sugar rush.

After we came down a bit from the candy craze, Justice and I reenacted Ralph’s rescue scene. This is better known as dropping Mentos into Diet Coke. Look what the Diet Coke bottle says! Family..yup, we will be combining two into one soon. I had a video of the moment, but it didn’t come out well, so this dark picture is all we have! It was awesome, though.

We, also, played some games in the true Wreck-It Ralph spirit.

We played Mario (who came late to the party)

and Mickey Mania (look, even here we have a hidden Mickey!).

I couldn't hate on the Mario turtles (my nemesis, but possible good guys), but it was fun anyway. Game Over!

In my sugar-induced state, I decided to have another Disney dinner this weekend, so I was up to draw and it is…

Wall-E! Another one of Justice’s favorites!

Coming Soon: Wall-E