Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finding Nemo

Week 8:

G'day mates! It hasn't been long since my last post, but Justice and I just couldn't wait to watch Finding Nemo. Its one of his favorites. Justice brought up an interesting point. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. His is Finding Nemo. Both of our favorites literally happen "under da sea". Coincidence? Anyway, here is the Finding Nemo menu from da big blue with a little Aussie twist!

Since it was a "light" menu, Justice and I did the meal for lunch (which Marlin was worried about being for Moby...and Bruce who was on a diet) and the movie after I got home from work.

Let's play a game. I am thinking of something small...and orange. Ok Smarty Pants, you are right. I was thinking of the snack that smiles back! Once again, goldfish were chosen. Justice's favorite movie had to have his favorite snack.

We, also, had fish sticks. I was VERY hungry when I got off of work for lunch, but I didn't want to eat any of my fish friends. I mean, after all, fish are friends, not food. Right, Bruce?

After seventeen LONG minutes though and the wonderful smell coming from the oven, I decided...

Or this afternoon, in this case. In the overall picture you will notice ketchup next to the fish sticks. This WAS on purpose. It is a nod to how Dory and Marlin broke Bruce's focus. I admit, it was hard staying on the wagon and I even know my father! I have eaten fish (with some leftover Cane's sauce even) and it was SO good. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

Next, we had shrimp on the barby. This was the Aussie twist I was talking about. This is the Australian name for what us Americans like to call barbequed or grilled shrimp. Ya, their name sounds better! We got some fresh shrimp from a local Seafood could say we were going out to See (imagine the fish voice when Nemo is swimming to touch the butt and you will get my reference). I would've put the address in the movie down to prove the Australian connection, but we all know we know the address in this movie better than our own. P.Sherman...(you know you are finishing the rest right now).

Another cool thing about the shrimp? They came in this bag which reminds me of the Tank Gang. I mentioned on The Little Mermaid that Justice and I both have saltwater tanks (don't worry, no Nemos were taken from their fathers). Here are a couple pictures of some the friends I have had in the past (Justice had a clown fish named Payton after the Chicago Bears runningback Walter Payton, but he was a shy little guy..and pictures. Reminds me of someone....).Anyways, welcome to tankhood!

If you were wondering, my crab's name was Bobby. He looked liked a police officer and was responsible for cleaning the "streets" of scum in my London tank. The fish's name was Abbey for the famous road she looked like.

Next, we had Finding Nemo "squishies" which Justice had to go on his own Marlin-like quest to find. They were worth it though. SO GOOD. I shall call them squishies and they shall be mine, and they shall be my squishies! I might share with Justice. Maybe.

We have another addition to my original movie menu. While I was shopping for something else, I saw this stand. I already (thought) I had the squishies, so I didn't want anymore jellies. I decided to go with the Coral Reef Cakes, because they sounded good and paid a subtle tribute to Nemo's mom and "hometown".

Without further ado, here is the finished product.

Since I last watched Finding Nemo, Justice's mom and I have gone on the famous Seabrook Pelican Path Scavenger Hunt together. Pelicans are her absolute FAVORITE animal. She loves watching them. I included a couple of my favorites from the hunt. The scuba diving pelican (for the diving dentist, of course) and the pajama-clad pelican (I thought his teddy bear and slippers were cute). These pelicans, also, remind me of our fowl friend, Nigel, who helps Nemo es-cah-pay (funny its spelled just like the word escape)...sort of.

I had to include this picture, because I used to have braces and I felt a little Darla-ish during that time in my life...and popcorn-less.

Also, since we just got finished with Toy Story 2, I had to include this hidden easter egg. Well hello, Buzz!

So you know those little unplanned moments that end up being your favorite part of an experience? Well, I had another one of those as Justice and I were finishing the movie.

Remember the part where Dory and Marlin are "catching a whale" and Dory says that the whale said that he either wanted them to go to the back of his throat or he wanted a root beer float (she is SO strong in the whale language. She does need to work on her humpback dialect, though)? While I was engrossed in the movie,...

Justice snuck into the kitchen and made me a root beer float! It was NOT planned and I was very lucky I had ice cream and diet A&W. I would put a picture, but I kind of ate it before I remembered, so I took one off of the web.

I know, I know...


Just not the same, is it? Sorry, but this is how I would have been if Justice would've attempted to stop me from eating it to take a picture.

Other than the whole internet picture, this movie menu went swimmingly (comedic drumroll and cymbal crash). Sorry, I had to put in a dorky pun somewhere.

Dory is my favorite character in this movie, as she is for many, so you are probably just as excited as I am about this.

So excited for that, but it was my turn to draw another movie. You may be wondering...

And it is...


The Lion King!!! YES!! I get to try out some Kenyan recipes AND watch one of the best motion pictures (not just Disney movies) of ALL TIME!!

Coming Soon (to a computer screen near you): The Lion King

The King has returned (no, fellow Texas Tech fans, I did not mean Kliff Kingsbury. Although, he can totally join if he wants)!!!