Sunday, June 22, 2014


Week 5:

Before we jump into Pocahontas, I want to put the picture of Thames that I was trying to get for The Little Mermaid last week. Here is the "little" green guy:

Now, its time for pie....and lots of other food goodness. Here is the menu:

I decided to go with a Thanksgiving-style menu, because, when I think Pocahontas, I think of Indians and English settlers. Indians + Settlers= The First Thanksgiving. Bring on the pie and stretchy pants!!

Justice had his first cooking challenge this week. The turkey. (insert scared "I have to cook?" or "Meet your father?!" face). He probably thought this was how I was viewing him cooking the bird (insert Grandmother Willow's skeptical look), but I had faith!

Here he is. Caught him calling his mother for advice.

He kept saying he felt like the Swedish chef on the Muppets.

Picture of the bird after prep before it went into the oven....Bye Bye Birdie!!

He was really excited when it worked out. I was really proud of him AND amazed at how good it tasted (especially with the sauce described below). I learned from this meal that I have a lot of good Thanksgiving meals to look forward to! My only regret? We forgot to pull out the wishbone!

The menu, to Ratcliffe's delight (or maybe disappointment), included the Indian's "gold".

I, also, added a few extra dishes to my original menu. I LOVE green bean casserole,so I made a "mini" one that was SO good (thank goodness, because I've never made it before). Justice added his favorite Thanksgiving side, cranberry sauce. I made crescent rolls, which look kind of like cornucopias (also known as the horn of plenty). Of course, I had to grab some goodies for Meeko, Percy, and Flit, so I got some of John Smith's biscuits (both fresh and after being on the ship for a while). These were represented by Keebler's Sandies and Gingersnaps. The cherries were to show thanks for Meeko "falling" into Percy's spa treatment and starting that beautiful "friendship"! One more extra. Raspberry Chipotle Sauce! This tasted so good with Justice's turkey and paid homage to another one of Meeko's treats.

I wore an FUMC Canadian mission trip shirt today to cook, because my family is currently in Kenya (I wish I was too!)and I had to have them with me for a Thanksgiving meal in some way. Everytime I come back from Kenya, I am thankful for small things a lot of us do not think about (ice, toilets, clean drinking water, etc.). Today, I got a surprise from Kenya that made me thankful once again. My parents called me! It was nighttime there, but I got to hear about how their trip was going and some updates on some of my friends over there. I heard that there were people asking about me and how I was doing. I'm so thankful for the update my parents gave me and for the amazing people I have come to know through God's call! Asante Sana (Thank you very much or Much Thanks)!!

Isn't it cool to think that people from different lands or skin color can turn out to not only be "not savage", but some of the best friends we will ever know? We just have to open our hearts and listen with them (right, Grandmother Willow?).

Just some interesting tidbits for you: Pocahontas is the only Disney princess that was a (proven) real person. Pocahontas WAS the daughter of Powhatan. Powhatan WAS the chief involved in a network of Indian nations in the Jamestown, Virginia colonial settlement area. Want something even better to think about? Pocahontas WAS said to have saved John Smith by placing her head between her father's club and John Smith. Those that have seen the sequel (if you haven't, SPOILER ALERT), you will be sad to know that Pocahontas DID go to London to show how savages could be "civilized" and ended up with John Rolfe (sigh, wrong John in my opinion. I just think a character with Mel Gibson's voice is the clear winner, even over a British accent). Pocahontas became Rebecca Rolfe and had a son named..wait for it...Thomas. Coincidence? I think not. By the way, Thomas was voiced by Christian Bale and yes, we watched the sequel shortly after as well!

While watching Pocahontas, I realized how many wedding-related, father/daughter moments there are in Disney movies that I haven't paid much attention to until my pending nuptials. Last week, with The Little Mermaid, it was the rainbow and her father "giving her away". In Pocahontas, it was Powhatan giving Pocahontas her mother's wedding necklace to wear on her big day (to Kocoum, the "so serious" one)and accepting her true love (disgruntled snort at knowing the "end result". See above.) as a brother. A father's love is a powerful thing!

Justice likes to take several pictures of me as I draw. I think it is to get back at me for taking so many of him! O well. Notice the Pocahontas-inspired braid?

Coming Soon: Dumbo

P.S. The U.S.A. soccer team is taking on Portugal today. With the whole "First Thanksgiving" (which took place on Plymouth Rock) theme, I must say this. "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!". Ok, thank you for enduring that cheer. Had to show my patriotism!