Sunday, October 26, 2014


Week 24:

What brought you here?

Well, now that you are here, let me just say....,"Hi!"


Hmm must be an off day for me..

Anyway, here is the menu!

First I wanted to start with Hazelnut Soup.

This soup was apparently Rapunzel's favorite dish from her creepy, over-protective "mother".

Hazelnuts are not in season right now, but here is the recipe I was going to use (

After thinking about it, it is even MORE fitting that I was unable to make the soup seeing as Mother Gothel said she was making it TWICE in the movie and was unable to.

Must have been too busy singing about the plague, knowing best, and blah, blah, blah.

Next, I decided to have braided bread, or braided breadsticks. This was to pay homage to Rapunzel's long, golden locks and the little girls who braided it for her at her birthday celebration.

Good job, girls!

Sorry, have to deal with something real quick. Be right back!

Silly boys!

Back to braiding.

I used crescent rolls to make these. Add a little butter, a little garlic powder, and some almond flowers and voilà!

Braided breadsticks!

Next, I had angel hair pasta (minus the chicken. Sorry, I forgot!).

I chose this pasta, because of the name. Angel HAIR. I, also, used Fettuccine Alfredo sauce because, even though I am more of a red-head, Rapunzel was a blonde (for most of the movie anyway).

Now, for my favorite part. Dessert.

I wanted to do something that highlighted Rapunzel's frying pan.

O ya, I got this!


I mean, with Max using it, crime disappeared in the kingdom overnight!

The fiancé provides. It's like magic. Hmm, he is blonde.

(calling yell) "JUSTICE...Does your hair glow?"


Anyway, here is the cute, little skillet.

So, I made a chocolate chip pizookie.

For those that haven't been to BJ's Restaurant, a pizookie is a cookie made in an iron skillet. Topped with ice cream, these are DELICIOUS!

My favorite BJ's pizookie was their Red Velvet Pizookie. Unfortunately for me and many others, they replaced this cookie.

Why BJ's, WHY?!?!

(Pascal says to settle down)

Ok, ok. I'm calm.

I was going to add on a copycat red velvet pizookie, but I ran out of time. Fortunately for me, this meant I didn't have to choose between Blue Bell and Häagen-Dazs!

Twice the ice cream!

Now for the add-ons!

I wanted to do something for my pal, Pascal (and his Kenyan relative).

C'mon, who can resist a cute chameleon?

I wanted to make these Pascal cookies (, but after my first attempt (without the proper icing, mind you) turned out to be....not suitable for children, I decided to go in another direction.

Rapunzel didn't have that problem (although, she had others).

I am a horrible icer.

Sigh, I need some more tower time to practice.

To do something for Pascal without embarrassing myself with icing, I got some Fruit by the Foot.

This was to represent Pascal's tongue and method of getting Flynn Eugene to come to.

Alas, earwax (Sorry, I've been watching some Harry Potter for Halloween week)!

I have been doing this, and this week's Disney movie, on Justice's projector which I got him as a gift one year.

I could DEFINITELY get used to this!

Yup, I'm used to it!

Speaking of, or showing, the tower, I wanted to try my hand at cupcake cones.

I was pretty proud of these. My icing skills may be salvageable after all!

As you can see, these were made "pre-haircut" Rapunzel.

Note to anyone attempting these, fill them AT LEAST 3/4 of the way full or you won't get a nice top.

Here's the whole thing!

It was my turn to draw and it will be...

Oliver & Company!

Justice has never seen this, so this should be a fun one!

O, and notice the braid. I think I braided the bread better..

I almost forgot!

I'm going to try to do the whole lantern thing (on a small scale) at my wedding. Barring burn ban, of course. Fingers crossed everyone!

I mean how pretty is this?!

Until next time, live Tangled Ever After!

Coming soon: Oliver & Company