Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Bug's Life

Week 27:

This week we drew A Bug's Life.

I always imagined that we'd have this dinner as a picnic in one of Fort Smith's many parks. I mean what goes together better than ants, picnics, and parks?

Sigh, sadly the weather wasn't exactly playing nicely. Even the best laid plans, right?

It was VERY cold. Almost time for the last leaf to fall.

We didn't give up on our picnic that easily though. We hatched a plan.

We just set it up in our living room!

Geez, keep your wings on!

Ok, OK!


So much like me. Hangry to happy very quickly!

And now,

for the main event,

P.T. Flea proudly presents

(dramatic dromroll)

the menu!

I started with Kool-aid, because it seemed like the perfect picnic, summer refreshment.

O YA (Kool-aid man voice)!

Next, I chose potato salad, because its another perfect summertime side!

Then, we had BBQ sliders.

Actually mini cheeseburgers with barbeque sauce on them.

That counts right?

Don't look at me like that.

Lastly, we had dirt and worms.

This was to pay homage to Ant Island and it's lovely habitat,

the "bird food" of worms,

and very hungry caterpillars!

We had the dirt and worms in little "travel-size", plastic glasses. Perfect for a living room picnic!

Now for the add-on!

Recently I tried a dip called Texas Caviar.

Since then, I have acquired the recipe and have been looking for an excuse to make it.

It is so green and fresh, I figured it would work for an outdoor or picnic theme!

Here is the recipe.

I probably should've added some DOTS or blueberries for our favorite little princess and her club but, hey, there were already too many ants at this picnic

and circus bugs!

Also, since my last post, I have added one more thing.

A BIRD (a real one. Although those ants sure now how to build 'em)! Perfect timing if you ask me.

Sorry, not sorry, Hopper!

Her name is Hedwig (another HP reference!)!

Here is the whole thing!

Another short and sweet one!

It is Justice's turn to draw and it is...

Monster's University! Yay, O.K. (You'll get it later)!

Until then, don't go towards the light



Coming Soon: Monster's University