Friday, December 5, 2014


Week 30:

Justice and I actually did this meal AFTER the one we drew next, because it was more difficult and ended up being our "going-away-to-the-wedding" dinner.

I was running errands and packing and just going generally crazy,...

(my attitude described in a picture) Justice did most of this. Let's just say he channeled his inner little chef!

Useful tip: Ladies get a man who knows (likes to is a bonus) how to cook!

Don't be surprised, if he is great at it, though!

Bon Appétit!

We started with red sparkling grape juice because, after seeing what happened to Linguini when he drank wine, we decided non-alcoholic was best. We did want to celebrate his (ahem Little Chef's) success, though!

Next, we had soup.

The menu says it was Little Chef's soup, but it looked more like the base of that which was actually Linguini's soup.

This was because it came from a can instead of a pot!

Scandal! One star deduction!

It is better not to look.

I know, I know, but it was the week before the wedding! I just couldn't take the heat in the kitchen, I guess.

Here it is!

Don't worry it didn't make us gag!

Next, we had bread, strawberries, and cheese to celebrate Remy's favorite snack (forgot the grapes) and his attempted food tutorial to his brother, Emile.

Of course, we had to include the movie's namesake dish.

Rat Patootie!

Sorry, too much grape juice.


There wasn't an eggplant to be found (which is what this recipe called for), but we made do. It just didn't look as pretty.

Next, we had linguine pasta with an Olive Garden copycat alfredo sauce.

Here is the recipe (, which actually tasted pretty good!

The pasta's name paid homage to Auguste Gusteau's son, Linguini and the sauce paid tribute to his first name (Alfredo)!

For dessert, we were going to have crepes, but, once again, wedding week!

Here is the recipe, though (

Now, for the add-on!

I wanted to do something for Little Chef, so I made some little chef hats out of marshmallows!

I was going to work with them a bit more, but I ran out of time. They still tasted good, though!

I, also, was going to add this hot cocoa soufflé in honor of the season and the country of origin for this movie.

Again, time and I are not friends right now.

Here is the recipe, though (

Here is the whole thing!

Notice the chef hats placed here and there!

What is our next movie you may ask?

Can do!

It was my turn to draw and it was...

Monster's Inc.!


Yes, the black and white and scary, tired expression was done on purpose!

P.S. Since I didn't post this one until AFTER I came back, I can show you this...

I found a Remy hat at Disney World!

No, I didn't get it, but I thought I'd show you anyway!

Coming Soon: Monster's Inc.