Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Jungle Book

Week 26:

This week we did one of Justice's favorites, The Jungle Book!

Even though it is Justice's favorite movie, I wonder if he (or you for that matter) know some of this stuff?

Just some interesting observations.

Is that Bambi's mom or Faline?

All I have to say is, lordy, Mowgli put some clothes on!!

Were you raised by wolves, son?



Sorry, Rama!

Disclaimer before I go into the meal.


That's right! He did it so I could run some other errands (see reasons below) and because he was being sweet.

Yup, that's my man cub, ladies!

Here is the menu:

It all began with monkey bread.

Monkey bread is this marvelous pull-apart, cinnamon roll creation.

Instead of making it myself (as I planned to do), I found some on sale that you just stick in the oven. Sorry, but the bare bear necessities of life will come to you, right?

O C'mon! Get with it, Bagheera!

I know I just alluded to a bear (before Bagheera), but before we get to ole' Papa Bear, I need to mention the king.

King Louie, that is.

He was the inspiration behind the monkey bread, of course.

Along with his fellow monkey subjects (yes, even the one that was messing with his jazz number).

Next, we had fruit kabobs.

NOW, it is time for Papa Bear!

When Baloo was singing to Mowgli about the bear necessities, he used his claw to pick the prickly pears and created a sort of bear kabob.

Thus, the fruit kabob was born!

We had bananas on the kabob, because Baloo definitely seemed to enjoy them by the treeful!

Next, we had chicken and rice.

I chose this dish, because the story is set in the rainforests of India.

I am NOT a fan of curry, so I thought chicken and rice was a pretty safe substitute.

Again, I didn't use the Indian flavors (or cook at all), but I DID suggest my favorite recipe from my high school cheer coach!

Here it is!

Justice added some garlic (salt, I believe) instead of onion flakes and cream of mushroom soup instead of golden. DELICIOUS!

Now that I think about it, there is another recipe of hers that I have been meaning to try.

Hmm..maybe I will squeeze it in somewhere!

For dessert, we went even MORE bananas (as if the monkey bread and bananas in the fruit kabobs weren't enough) with a HUGE banana split from Braum's.

Three times the bananas for the three bananas Louie gave his cousin.

So many bananas!

Ok, I am tired of monkeyin' around.

Here is the whole thing!

You are probably wondering why there weren't any add-ons this week.

Well, I WAS going to make something for the Colonel.

I mean, how could I forget an elephant who NEVER forgets?!

or these tiger tails for Shere Khan's welcome home going away party.

but, once again, I didn't make this week's dinner and I had a few other things going on.

For example, Justice and I's three year date-oversary was Friday (he got me a surprise Sonic drink and I got him a cake from our favorite place (doing our wedding cake) disguised as a piece of Chicago pizza. I was going to order the real thing online, but we weren't going to have a chance to make/eat it)

AND we were leaving for our wedding shower and my bachelorette party straight after work Friday (meaning I had to finish my homemade "shower" hostess gifts and run errands on Thursday).

Phew! Talk about grabbing a tiger by the tail!

Hold on, Baloo! There are teeth on the other end!

Here are the hostess shower baskets! Homemade brown sugar scrub, shower soothers, lavender bath salts, and lavender soap (with loofah and carrying basket).

If you have never attempted making soap, try it. Super fun and easy. Think I will be giving that another go for sure!

Sorry, no pictures of the bachelorette party allowed!

#benicedonttellmrrice #justbetweenusgirls

Anywho, it was my turn to draw and it will be....

A Bug's Life!!


Instead of Christmas in July, it will be July in Christmas (sounded better in my head)!

Until then, stay away from these (They are nothing but trouble. Glad Justice was listening about as well as Mowgli did to this piece of advice. Man cubs fall for the "trust in me" eyes EVERY time!),

remember to look for the bear necessities of life, forget about worries and your strife (way to adapt, Bagheera Baggy!),

and know you have friends 'till the bitter end!

Coming Soon: A Bug's Life